We at GreenBubble algalworks pvt ltd deliver true technological freedom. We do so by taking care of our environment, profitability, renew-ability and sustainability. We are currently focused on deriving the best out of tiny very fast growing organism the "Micro Algae". Micro algae have been studied for decades and are popularly known to be capable of replacing the current petroleum and supply high nutrition food for the Human kind. GreenBubble algalworks pvt ltd plans to have a wide impact in many market areas by utilizing its extremely Cost effective algal cultivation technology and wide spread market collaborations.

Spirulina turnkey solutions

Spirulina is a blue-green algae know with many titles "the magical food", " the perfect food", " ender of malnutrition" and many more.  Recognized by WHO, FAO, UN and many other prominent organizations for its benefits. Spirulina is used across the world for human supplements, fish feed, hobby fish feed, poultry, food recipes, for malnutrition and many many more. With new market areas continuously emerging all the time!.

The global demand for Spirulina is consistently rising at more than 30% per annum. With the current international market having deficiency for more than 30% in product. The current global market for Spirulina is more than 10000 tons which in just 0.5% of potential Spirulina market.

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GreenBubble Advantage

We at GreenBubble through continuous innovation, engineering pragmatism and vast experience have been able to get the cost of Cap-ex and Op-ex to a such a bare minimum that even the elusive mass consumable market (fuel, protein etc) is economically viable. With our unique bottom-up approach and extreme fine tuning of core processes GreenBubble has cut costs to a small fraction of a standard raceway/Open pond.

Our processes use industrial and agricultural by-products. These products are selected through extensive study of various parameters, this study has helped us design a robust process to utilize waste and low cost by-products.

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Latest News

  • GreenBubble now goes full organic, all our media ingredients now sourced from organic sources. All plant based material all natural.
  • GreenBubble algalworks pvt ltd expands its workshops, new machinery workshop at Rajajinagar industrial town. Contact us for a visit.
  • We now have a new demo facility at bidadi, come check out our machineries and technology in action.
  • GreenBubble algalworks pvt ltd is now working with different government institutes to reduce costs of growing Spirulina and to use it against India's vast Mal-nourished population.
  • GreenBubble algalworks pvt ltd to establish largest chain of spirulina production network. Sites at Hubli, Warangal, Nagpur, vizag and Rajkot.