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Harshith Sirigeri (Managing Director)

A young high spirited dynamic individual, consistently proven to solve complex problems with efficient and simple solutions. He is an original thinker and problem solver - the most critical skills in making breakthroughs in systems engineering, process engineering and relevant biological systems. He combines imagination, knowledge of the sciences and engineering pragmatism to arrive at real world solutions. I have a high regard his ability to think through and arrive at a consistent, workable process He has worked in the engineering industry for 2 years understanding corporate structuring and real world problems while paralleling pursuing the passion for algae.

Adavi shivakumar (Chief Development Engineer)

With 35 years of services in materials, processing, applications, product design, development & management he brings a huge amount of extremely valuable engineering insight into low cost and reliable design. In his term he has handled various jobs, a few of them being:
  •  Senior manager 1977-1996 Karnataka State Electronic development corporation ltd. Govt of Karnataka.
  •  Production manager high voltage resistors, two way communication equipments (Hf, Vhf, & Uhf).
  •  Jr. Scientist officer Development of Medical electronic gadgets, installation of approach control system for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Bangalore.
  •  Quality control & process technical assistant under Philips Japanese QC cell.
  •  Electrical supervisor in erection of hydro generators & controlled system with Ms. Hitachi (1966).
  • Expertise:
    •  Identifying the materials and equipments for turn key projects.
    •  Identifying electronic on line instruments for production and QC.
    •  Identifying process line for bulk production.
    •  Designing of special equipments for turnkey projects.
    •  Process programming for production with minimum man to machine including supervising and management system.
    • Dr Rathinam Raja (Lead Scientist)

      With previous experience as a lead scientist at a commercial production facility for algae at Aquatic Energy LLC, experience in algae based extractions, 13 publications, 4 books, 7 papers adds a huge amount of insight into the our process definition.
      Ph.D., (Microalgae) Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai - 600 025, India
      •  Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. (Post Doctoral Fellow, Aug 2004 - Dec 2005)
      •  Nutraville International Ltd., Chennai, India. (Senior R&D Executive, Mar 2006 - Jun 2007)
      •  Swiss Garnier Life Sciences, Chennai, India. (Senior R&D Executive, Aug 2007 - Feb 2008)
      •  Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. (Post Doctoral Fellow, Mar 2007 - Mar 2008)
      •  Aquatic Energy LLC, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. (Lead Scientist, Aug 2010 - Nov 2012)
      • Vijay Shankar (Bio-Chemist)

        Having a farming background has benefited him possessing good knowledge of agriculture and field practices. He is our field engineer. His knowledge of agricultural practices and field problems has helped us transfer what we were doing in the lab to the field. He also handles the culturing aspects of the algae from test tube, to large hybrid systems.

Ronald H. Henson

  •  COO at Algal Aquaculture Professionals LLC
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Dr. Arun Goyal

  •  Vice President-Educational Services - Indo-US Foundation for Research, Education, Energy & Environment (IndoUS-FREEE)
  •  President & CEO - A2Z Disaster Management & Innovative Response Education Pvt. Ltd. (ADMIRE)
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Nandini Vaidyanathan

  •  Founder and Mentor at CARMa Venture Services
  •  Promoter-mentor at Startups
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Dr Arthur Kroon

  •  Specialist Research and Development at Algae Food & Fuel - Owner at Artabiotech
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Marc Ferguson

  •  Co-Founder and CEO at Tellus Biotech
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  •  Director, KrishnaMurthy Institute Of Algology
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